About Jana Lea

Growing up the youngest of three girls, Jana loved to decorate and rearrange every room in her childhood home. She would spend hours helping her dad build miniature furnishings for the giant Barbie doll house he made her so she could decorate it over and over again. When the time came for Jana to move into her own bedroom, she dragged her mom into every carpet store and furniture store in Memphis. She even memorialized her dream of being a buyer for a major store in her high school year book. Throughout her adult life, she became known for the beautiful vignettes throughout her home and patio garden. 

Her lifelong dream of being a buyer of home furnishings and decor began to resurface during a time of great grief in her life. The memories of building and painting with her dad became the catalyst for Joie De Vivre by Jana Lea. It is Jana’s vision to source quality home accents and furnishings that leave a feeling of joie de vivre in every home they grace.